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So, last night was an interesting evening, full of emotions of all kinds. I'm actually going to write two separate entries because one event in particular needs an entry all it's own.

I took Denise there in the afternoon for about an hour. My grandmother showed up right before we left, so we left a bit later than I anticipated, but oh well. Denise had a lot of fun wandering around and waving at EVERYONE we passed. I don't know where the social butterfly gene came from, it must have skipped my siblings and I and gone straight to my daughter.

She was actually the oldest girl among our teammates children who came. There was one very small newborn, and a one year old while we were there and I found out later that my biggest myspace fan showed up with her daughter as well, but she and I missed each other. :P I was too busy watching belly dancing at that time...more on that later.

I took her home a little after 6 to get her fed, bathed and to bed. Then I headed back. As soon as I got there, I heard the music that was....quite literally, music to my ears! The soft pulsing beat of arabic music. My intent was to immediately rush over to the center stage to enjoy my favorite dance, but I first stopped to drop off my bag at the tent and at that point I found out our team had gotten silver for the amount of money we raised, so we took a picture in front of the sign. After that, I ran over to the belly dancing! Oh it was wonderful. Not quite as glitzy and glamorous as the gala DR and I went to in DC, but any belly dancing is totally worth the experience. My sister teased me, of course, but oh well. I was in heaven. I finally worked up the nerve after watching most of the performance to ask the woman who looked in charge about lessons. Sure enough, they not only have them, but they are right here! In St. Mary's at the Parks and Rec building. She has a beginners class starting on the 22nd, but it's at 6 and I know I can't do that. But she said in the fall she would have more classes, so...maybe...if I can afford it, I'll start taking it again. :D

The last dance they did was a greek line dance that I'm not really sure I got, but I got to hold hands with a REALLY hot guy...who was probably quite a few years younger then me and I'm fairly certain gay. :P I've got to get used to that though. Next weekend, my sister, me and an old family friend are all headed up to to meet my uncle and his fiance in DC for DC Pride and I'm sure I'll see quite a few gorgeous but totally uninterested guys there. Dennis actually had a field day with this when I told him about my intended trip to DC. He was like "'re going to a gay pride parade? Is there something you want to tell me?" I told him I was going with my uncle and that my sister just said it was a lot of fun. Kinda like mardi gras, but you didn't have to do anything to get the beads. I told him I had plans to dye my hair and what not before going and he laughed and was like "trying to look good for the lesbians?" Why not? More beads that way! ;) Who knows, maybe I'll finally be converted like Jess always wanted. :P

After that, I teamed up with my sister and her friend and we walked for a bit. Then it was time for the luminaries ceremony. We found mom's luminary(which I took a pic of lit up on my cell) and stood by it to light it. They had a screen up to display pics and names of those honored or remembered who were still fighting, had survived, or had lost their fight with cancer. Unfortunately, the pic Dawn sent of mom didn't make it to them, but they had her name. And once all the luminaries were lit, we did the walk of remembrance and then just kept walking for a good while. Time flew by a lot faster than expected. Before I knew it, it was 11 and they were doing the fight back ceremony.

I think there's one button I'm never going to be able to move and that is the anger I feel when people continuously tote doing the "right thing" and going to the doctor for cancer screenings. My mom kept trying to find out what was wrong with her and no doctor ever found out til the one finally suggested a colonoscophy. By then, it was too late for her, but luckily for my siblings and I, we know what we have to do to not share her fate. I'm not saying I don't agree with trying, but I am saying that sometimes it doesn't work as well as you hope it would.

Anyway, at one point, Dawn, her friend and I were walking and talking about how we have lost 2 great aunts and our mom to colon cancer and Dawn paused at one point and said "so..."and I ended with "we're pretty much screwed." :P

After the fight back ceremony, it was kind of dead for me. We didn't walk anymore and Dawn started making comments about going home since I had told her I needed to get some sleep to function today. As it turns out, I didn't fall asleep until 6am, and then was woken up at 7 by Denise. I found out after rushing to get her that she had lost her pacifier and had actually laid back down to sleep when I came bursting in. *sigh* I need a camera in there so I can see when she needs me and when she doesn't...

But I headed home about 12:30ish. I parked as far away as possible when I came back cause there was no parking close by, so I had a nice long walk. I got home a little before 1:30 and then spent about an hour on the phone with Dennis. I needed to...process some things. :P I'm going to write more about that later though.

All in all, I think Relay was a success. I had a lot of fun with my sister and her co-workers. I had to wonder if St. Mary's DSS had a team there, but if they did, I didn't see anyone I recognized. I did run into Denise's old teacher from her last daycare. Denise recognized her before I did and ran up to give her a quick hug before rushing back to me. I think she was afraid seeing her meant that I would leave her. :P

Looking forward to next year, where I hope to raise more money.


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