Mar. 21st, 2010

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That's right friends, I FINALLY got to get my WICKED fix on Saturday night! OMG, fucking amazing show! It was such a change from my usual musical, Rent, in that they actually had like elaborate set changes and awesome ones at that! HOLY CRAP awesome!

So, backtracking a bit, Kate and I decided to head down around 3. My sister thought we were crazy for leaving so early; however, she and her friends were going to see a matinee, so the likelihood of their meal with show was dinner AFTER the show...whereas Kate and I wanted to do it before. We got to Richmond by 5, found the parking garage, parked AND got free parking* and then walked to the restaurant. The theatre's website had advertised a local cafe that was doing a WICKED special, so Kate and I were all over that! We picked a parking garage that was roughly halfway between the place and the theatre, so we walked quite a bit. It took us about 20 minutes to a half hour to walk to the restaurant and then there was a 30 minute wait. So, we finally got to eat around 6. This is what I expected, and after NYC's lack of a really nice dinner, I really wanted to do WICKED right, and so we did. The Strawberry Cafe(which is where we went) was pretty good. I started my night off right with an apple martini(haven't had one in a while) and then decided to really get into the spirit of WICKED and had a "Wicked Witch" which, surprisingly, was red instead of green. :P But really good! The deal was that you could get 2 entrees and an appetizer for $26. With the drinks, it ended up being significantly more, but worth it. :P I had another WICKED special of crab cakes over a salad with some sort of strawberry dressing that was delish!

Anyway, after dinner, we booked it over to the venue since it was after 7 and we knew it'd be about another 20-30 minute walk. We got there around 7:45, grabbed our seats and enjoyed a spectacular performance! The special effects, the scene changes, the actors, the singing, it was PHENOMENAL! I am SO glad I chose this of the choices my sister gave me for a grad present cause it was just amazing! And I will say this, I LOVE the song Defying Gravity, I quote it constantly, it's like my number one theme song. I teared up during the live performance of it. I just...I totally identified with Elphaba and after falling in love with that song right after returning to MD, I just felt so moved. It was so powerful, and perfect, and just...I have an English degree and cannot find enough adjectives to fully describe what it was like for me. Kate had asked prior to the show about the song because I do quote it and mention it so often and I think after the performance, she completely understand why it's my fave song. :D

We had such good seats too! They were in the orchestra, almost under the balcony, but still really close and really awesome! I may have to uproot RENT from my favorite musicals simply because of the awe I felt watching WICKED. It was beautiful, so beautiful and I love how they try to keep it in line with the Wizard of Oz, which anyone in my family can tell you was a fave of mine when I was a kid. I'd finish watching it, rewind it, and start it over again... Can you imagine what I would have been like if it was on dvd back then? :P It gives such depth to the Wizard of Oz because it stays true to the story while adding a lot of explanation for how these characters came to be the way they are. I cannot explain how much I loved it!

It was over much too soon, and we headed back home. So worth it though and I see that it's coming to DC summer 2011, so I'm SO there. Kate and I talked about hitting up NYC sometime this summer, but I think I want to see something new if we do go, like Jersey Boys or the Lion King or even Mama Mia! I did see they are trying to turn WICKED into a movie, but there doesn't appear to be a consensus on WHEN it will become a movie.

Today was mostly spent on my Anthropology research paper, which the rough draft is finished, thank goodness. After that, I watched "Believe: The Eddie Izzard story" which I had netflixed. I need to buy it, it was just that amazing of a story. I was really moved when he started talking about his mother who died when he was only like 7 or 8 from cancer. He said "The big problem is that everything I do in life is me trying to get her back. I think if I do everything, that maybe she'll come back." I completely understand and relate to that. It may seem contradictory to look at some of the decisions I made in the past few years, but I think a lot of that was also just me trying to rush at life, to experience everything because after mom's death, I was afraid that life wouldn't be long enough for me. Now, I have a better understanding that life isn't about reaching all your goals before you die, but continuing to make new goals and enjoying the journey to each one. And I can't really regret things I did in the past because, while they didn't always (or even very often) turn out the way I planned or hoped, I learned a lot from them, and most importantly to me, I lived through them. I once wrote in an old journal entry about a "friend" who is no longer about how I felt that this person hadn't really lived or experienced much of what life had to offer. And in comparison to myself I wrote: "I may be a wayward spirit, I may have made bad choices that landed me in bad situations, but at least I not only lived to tell the tale, I also have a tale to tell!" So, while I hope and plan to make smarter choices in the future, I cannot begin to believe or expect that my life will ever cease to have a bit of recklessness to it, a bit of an adventurers spirit, and I, for one, don't see that as a bad thing!

*We got free parking in Richmond because when we pulled into the parking garage, after searching for something in his little booth, the attendant just told us to pay on the way out. Well, when we came back to the garage, there was no one in the booth and barely any cars left in the garage. We stopped and waited for a second at the booth to see if someone would come over, but then we just left...


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