Apr. 24th, 2009

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I had stuff to do throughout the day today, but a lot of it was spent contemplating mother's day gifts. I know, I know, I don't have a mother, who am I buying gifts for? It's a surprise, but it's something I've done before.

I got a voicemail from the state's attorney that said Travis has agreed to the guidelines they figured out, and they just needed to go over a few details with me before the court order goes through. So, that's good news, at least now there will be consequences if he doesn't pay again. Although, from what I have seen on various friend's LJ's and even a few RL friends, it's far from over. Still, I do have a bit of peace of mind.

I tried to call the paralegal there back, but got her voicemail, so I left her a message. I'm hoping to hear back from her before I head out(which I'll be doing in about a half hour). I'm just wondering when he'll stop paying me and will start having the wages deducted, so I can plan for that, as I'm sure it'll take a little bit of time to get set up. We should be getting the NC tax return next week though(from what there system says). I found out, after getting incredibly irritated with the fact that our return had the same damn status for a month, that NC is holding checks for a while because of the economy, and that they were 4 weeks behind. However, they now have our status as the check written, so it should be here soon. I can pay a bit more to the summer session with my share and get Denise a "big" birthday gift. I'm looking at swingsets, but am afraid to get a "toddler" type one if she's going to outgrow it quickly. It says 2-6 years though, so that would be a good investment if she does play with it for that long. I just want something for her to do in the backyard year round when it's not too cold and is sunny. The pool will be open soon(and I saw this AWESOME floatation device with a motor for toddlers that *I* want for ME :P), so at least then she can go swimming. She had a blast with that last summer. I wish it was open for her party, but it'll likely be too cold.

I got the invitations all done last night and will be stopping by the post office to mail them on the way to pick up Denise. So, keep a look out! :P I can't believe my little one is turning 2! And she's becoming SUCH a big girl too! I wrote a bit on my myspace last night about her. The other day at daycare, she had a tick in her ear. :( I held her while the director got it out with tweazers. We got the whole thing, so she's good, but I'm wary to go for walks with her now. She likes to wander among the "flowers"(read: weeds) on the side of the road, particularly picking the dandelions because I showed her how if she blew on them, the seeds would scatter. She loves to do that! She also saw DR running past us yesterday and went running towards him, dragging me behind. He swears she said "hi David" but I think he imagined it. However, when an old family friend who is now a police officer, like his dad, drove by, DR said "it's the police!" And Denise echoed "it's the peas!" *lol* She tried to run after him, but he was too fast for her. She had a lot of fun last Sunday when we walked over there to give his family their invitations(I'm inviting his sister and her little girl as well).

She also is destined to be an only child. This little girl in her class came up to me Wednesday, and when we finished with the tick problem, Denise left my lap to go wander, and this little girl jumped in her spot. When Denise saw it, she would have none of this, and started pushing the girl out of my lap saying "my mama! mine!" Then yesterday and this morning, she pushed the little girl away saying "no! my mama!" *lol* So, yeah, only child...

Sociology is done now, as far as I'm concerned. I submitted my last two journal assignments and I'm not planning to do quiz 8 since my quiz average is at 89% with the six highest quiz scores. If my last quiz is another "A", it'll increase that a few percentage points. I'm preparing for my Com exam on Monday, which we can use one full notecard for(my partner got to do one side, I do the other) and I filled out my side last night. I'm going to look over my notes over this weekend to prepare, but I'm not worried. I was one of 3 people who got the highest grade on the midterm. :) I hope to get my research paper back for English on Monday, but since not everyone turned them in, she might wait until she's done with all of them. I get 10 bonus points for turning it in on Wednesday. I'm pretty much guaranteed an "A" in that class.

I got the books for Pop Culture, and I think I've found enough quotes to cover the different movies/tv shows I've discussed in my paper, so once I add those to the paper, I should be done with it for GOOD. The final version is due on the 30th! I'm hoping to take that final quiz on Wednesday, so I can be officially done with BOTH my online classes!

So glad it's Friday. So ready to start my weekend! Tonight is Dollhouse with DR, tomorrow is dinner with Dennis, and Saturday daytime and Sunday are reserved for hanging out with Denise and schoolwork. I'm looking forward to it!


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