Apr. 20th, 2009

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So, coming to Communications was kind of a wasted effort today. I mean, we got 5 points for our last "quiz" if we showed up on time, and I met with my partner for the exam next week. We divided up the chapters and I'm doing the last two since she wasn't here for parts of those. It shouldn't be as bad as I originally thought, which is good. Once this is over, we only have one more paper to do with that class and then we are done for the semester! WOOT!

Women's Lit is also coming to a close, although I have to go to the class in a half hour. My research paper, that I haven't even really started writing, is due on Wednesday, but it's only 1250 words and I've already written up a generic outline that sums up what I plan to write about, now it's just about organizing the thoughts and putting them down on paper. I will work on it tonight and tomorrow night, but I also have to work on my Sociology quiz, which is supposed to be due tomorrow night. However, he hasn't sent us the grades from our last quiz yet and if he takes this long, he normally gives us an extra day, which I have yet to take advantage of. If he does it this time around, I plan to work on it Wednesday. It really doesn't matter as he's only counting 5 of the 8 quizzes and I've gotten B's and A's on 5 thus far, with the 6th one still awaiting a grade. Pop Culture has one more quiz due on May 4th and I have already finished the readings for two of the lectures as well as the lecture questions for those two. I still need to tweak that research paper again, but I'll do that at the end of the week after the research paper for English is signed, sealed and delivered.

I am SO glad that this semester is almost over and I am in the home stretch! Even with the ridiculous hours for my math class, I do not foresee the summer being anywhere NEAR as bad as the spring semester was. Fall might be if I do what I want to do, but even that shouldn't be too terrible. This semester just had a ton of reading to do and it was hard to balance, but I did it!

I'm actually thinking about taking some time "off" towards the end of the week and going out, if dad is willing to babysit. After my research paper for English is turned in, that'll be a huge load off my back and I can really start relaxing. So, I'm thinking I might just go out to dinner or maybe catch a movie and let off a little steam. This semester hasn't been just stressful due to school, as we all know that the dreaded ex has continuously made his presence known throughout it. Dennis told me that I seem to constantly deal with a high level of stress and that's not necessarily a good thing, but at least in this case, I handled it well enough to keep up with my job, my schoolwork and my daughter even with all the buttons certain people tried to press. It's just like John said, I have to move my buttons, which I'm working on.

If there's one thing I have learned about myself recently it is that I am a survivor. People have told me in the past that they did not know if they could pick up and move forward as I have done with some of the events of my past, but my philosophy is as long as I'm alive, I have to live. As I wrote in my creative essay recently, I am that girl on the beach, I am drawing that line in the sand, and to life and any enemies, I am defiantly shouting: "Hit me with your best shot!"


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