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So, with the DNC convention going on, I was reminded that I got a job offer on the same day that Obama got elected 4 years ago. I even found the post where I made a comment on how his "economic plan" was already helping me and he hadn't even been inaugurated yet. ;) And it brought me, eventually, to the entry where I wrestled with whether or not to stay in a private sector law firm (and a small one at that) or take a chance on a government job that was part time. I ended up, as everyone knows, taking the state job due mostly to the fact that I would be able to finish my Associate's Degree at CSM before moving on to UMUC for my Bachelor's. I wanted to finish something quickly and I was sadly only like 20 credits or less from my AA at the time I went back to CSM.

It's almost 4 years later, as is evident in the fact that Obama is up for reelection. The political climate on facebook made me nostalgic in remembering what my life was life prior to that fateful election. While I don't attribute my success and progress to the president, I do feel a certain camaraderie with him. I've seen various statistics that all tend to contradict each other, and I'm definitely not setting out to make this a political debate, but I feel like things have improved in the past 4 years. Even as far as state government is concerned, we're getting cost of living increases this year and no furloughs. Ok, so the cost of living increase is like 2% which equals about $20-30 more a paycheck for me (whoopie do), but hey, it's a far cry from the temporary salary reductions and furloughs and other cuts we were facing when I started with the state.

But anyway, this post is not really meant to be about politics, and so I'll put the above behind a cut. I took a chance, even though there were more than a few people telling me not to give up the full time position for the uncertainty of part time. I took the job with the state. And it was hell for 2 years financially, and then hell the final year at DSS work wise. But it was worth it. I mean, look at me now. I'm basically in a law firm for the government. I have about the same salary I had in DC when I was at W&C, except that this time, I actually EARNED it and didn't get it through some warped sense of nepotism.

And I have to say, I'm kind of proud of myself. To go from a bad marriage fraught with financial storms and the stress of a newborn to now having completed the first major degree of my education, having a well paying job that I like and preparing for the next chapter in my educational pursuit. To go from struggling to make ends meet to being able to afford (with the help of my amazing boyfriend of course) a nice townhouse in a great neighborhood near an excellent school district! To go from not having much of a vacation in so many years to going on a wonderful, fun-filled trip to Disney World! And even beyond the financial gains, but also to the emotional, personal and familial gains. I get to live with the love of my life now after almost 4 years of only getting to see each other on the weekends if that, and before then, never getting to see it each other when he was in the military. I get to spend time with my daughter doing fun things and not just a few minutes inbetween answering conference questions, reading textbooks or writing papers. I get to spend real quality time with her, taking her to do fun things, snuggling with her during a movie, playing with her at the beach, etc etc etc.

And I'm in awe that one thing Obama said (that has gotten a lot of controversy) is so true and that is that I didn't do this alone. I'm paraphrasing, of course, but I had the support of my family, particularly my father and sister, helping to care for Denise when I had tests to take, papers to write or just needed a break. I had the support of my friends who sadly I didn't get to see much of, but I am happy to say that this summer, that has changed a lot! Jo and Walter have both said that we've seen each other more in the past couple of months than we've seen each other in the past few years!!! Dennis was and still is one of the most supportive people in my life, whether it was being completely understanding of my need to finish my degree or more recently when he stepped up to help cover some of my share of the financial burden when the child support payments stopped coming for a while. Thankfully that was a short-lived crisis!

So, to the question I posed in this entry I can truly answer that, yes, I did make the right decision, not just at that time, but for my life as a whole. I'm happy where I am professionally, emotionally, educationally, and personally. I definitely feel like I'm better off than I was 4 years ago and I can only hope that, regardless of who is president, I'm better off in the 4 years to come and beyond. :)


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