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Sep. 13th, 2011 09:52 pm
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While initially I hated UMUC's new policy of 8 week sessions, I'm kind of loving it now. I registered for spring 2012, aka: my last semester. Because of the 8 week classes, I will start the final semester in January and be done by March 11th. That's right folks, I will be finished my Bachelor's degree in less than 6 months! WOOT!

Due to this relevation, I may take a breather from the job search outside of the state for a while because I want to take Denise to Disney world to celebrate my bachelor's and her 5th birthday (though, we may go for spring break so she doesn't miss school). We're getting to the point now where if I don't find something in the next month, I won't earn enough leave at the new job to go away for a week+. If I find a job in the state, it's no big deal because my leave will transfer, but outside of the state, even the federal govt, and I'm screwed.

It's comforting to know that my continuous statements of "I can survive anywhere for a year except (insert certain county here)" is no longer a real issue. While I won't get the hard copy of the degree until probably mid summer and it won't be on my transcript til late May/early June, I will be able to request a letter of completion to send to prospective employers after my grades post.

Ironic that it's 4 years to the month since I basically ended my marriage that I'll achieve the educational degree I've been working so hard towards. March is my life-changing month. Bought a house in March, got married in March, started W&C in March, separated in March, and now...finishing a degree in March. :P I can't really say it's a lucky month, but it's certainly a CHANGING month!

Six more months. I can do this. I'm still hoping for PG county, still applying to state positions that I qualify for (and may start applying to ones I don't currently qualify for, but will in 6 months just because), but at the same time, knowing that the light at the end of the tunnel may come in after the degree is completed. Another chapter of my life will soon be coming to a close, and with the achievement of another degree, I hope to finally stand again on my own two feet, on my own, with a new job and a new home. :)

A lot of people at work (mainly in the particular county in question) have told me that I'm "not as young as I think" and that I "need to start planning in the long term jobwise." I have been planning jobwise, and I know that they mean I should look to stick it out in a job longterm, but my argument with that right now is...I'm not done with my education yet. Even after my bachelor's is hanging on the wall in all its glory (assuming it gets there, the associates is still in the folder CSM gave me...), I still have plans to pursue my law degree. What's the point in settling in for the long haul when I'm nowhere near my career goal as of yet. The main "settling" I'm looking to do is to remain in government. I like the state...mostly, but I'd love the federal. I could go back to the private sector, and have honestly been looking into what's available to me. Getting some serious litigation experience as a paralegal would be beneficial for when I go for the bar. My boss works in both the government and the private sector and that, to me, is the dream job. His part time position with the state gives him all the benefits of state employment and a decent salary while his private practice provides a more lucrative living.

I've got ambitions that never sleep. :P And I'm not ready to settle into anything. I want to see where my education and my experience will take me and I'm looking forward to starting the next chapter of my life which includes law school and becoming an attorney. However, before I start law school, I want to take some time off, relax, recuperate and spend some serious time with my daughter. I'd like to finally take that step to move in with Dennis, maybe someday try my hand at marriage again though I can certainly admit to being more than a little gunshy on that scenario.

Anyway, just wanted to share some good news with some future anticipation. :D I can't believe I'm almost done the degree that has escaped me for 10+ years! :P


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